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  • Janitorial Services
    Window Services
    Landscaping Services
    Pest Control
    Facilities Services
    Snow Removal

    L.T. Services will supply your firm with a crew of trained office team cleaners and skilled project managers. We have developed the best systems and procedures in all areas of housekeeping to meet your needs.

    Building maintenance services we perform:

    • General office cleaning
    • Corporate apartment cleaning
    • Spot removal
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Carpet deodorizing and scotch-guarding
    • Window cleaning
    • Light fixture cleaning
    • Wall washing

    Our Facility Management Assistant Program provides:

    • Facility Scheduling
    • Preventive Maintenance Management
    • Work force controlling program
    • Record and inspection/monitoring facility weekly
    • Ensure all the services program continuity


    Communicate: We provide a level of professional service and communication throughout all phases of the contract. Our personalized attention and approach to the needs of each building and its tenant keep the operations working smoothly and harmoniously from start to finish for the building's management. We begin by thoroughly inspecting and documenting those common areas of the building for damages prior to the commencement of work.

    Coordinate: L.T. Services will coordinate with the management company via periodic visits to the building to evaluate the quality of our work or to investigate a continuous complaint. It is important for us to understand your unique building conditions to create a customized service program that fits your specific needs.

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