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  • Janitorial Services
    Window Services
    Landscaping Services
    Pest Control
    Facilities Services
    Snow Removal

    Complete custodial package for:

    • Commercial office building
    • Government office facility
    • Medical/health care center
    • Sport Complex
    • Shopping Center
    • School & University

    Carpet Cleaning:

    • Shampoo
    • Steam Extraction

    Strip and Wax/Refinish Floor:

    • Marble, stone floor
    • Marble restoration
    • Synthetic and Rubber floor
    • Vinyl tile floor
    • Ceramic tile floor

    Computer Room Cleaning

    • Refinish raised floor
    • Cleaning under raised computer floor

    Additional Services

    Occasionally, we provide additional services upon the client’s request. Prior to beginning the work, we will provide a written estimate. Invoices will be billed separately from regular-scheduled duties. We offer the following services at your request:

    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Exterior cleaning/restoration
    • Sanitization of furniture
    • Cleaning of light lenses
    • Venetian blind cleaning
    • Wash & disinfect waste receptacles
    • Cleaning of computer equipment
    • Cleaning of office equipment
    • 24/7 disaster & emergency response

    Please contact our Sales team at sales@ltservicesinc.com or (703) 698-8838, to arrange for any of the above services, or to see how we can meet your cleaning needs.